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is a name for a woman who is astonishingly beautiful. Her hair varies from blonde to brunette. She is a kind hearted person, who is driven, and motivated, but still finds time to help others. She can be a little shy and awkward, but it's always the in the sexiest way. Elise's rarely cause conflict and are friendly with everyone. In addition, they usually have a hot ass and a perfect rack.
Guy 1: "Have you seen Elise tonight?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, she accidentally spilled her drink on that guy over there. She just wiped his chest and he moved in for a kiss. Classic"
Guy 1: "Damn it! I love Elise. I'm going to find her."
Guy 2: "Good luck dude, everyone here is already after her."
by isnotsubordinate December 06, 2010
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