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a group of rowdy teenagers all majorly obsessed with Twilight and having frequent debates over which character is best but all hating the 2 main characters!!!

which are of course edward and bella. edward is so not fit and he is moody and suicidal (sorry rob but you are ugly and need to get over yourself.) and bella is a complete mary sue who broke jake's heart and kirsten stewart needs to learn to smile. renesmee is the offspring and incorperates the worst of both!!!!
Person 1: James is the total best!!!!

Person 2: no way jacob is so much fitter!!!!!!

Person 3: guys guys we know there both fit!!!!!!!!!!But you gotta admit seth is so cute!!!

Person 4: Seth is cute but Emmett is even hotter!!

person 5: alice has cool visions and her and jasper are the best couple!

Person 6: The whole wolf pack except leah are all hot but leah is really cool too!!!

person 7: i wish i had Carlisle and esme as my parents!

Person 8: Rosalie is misunderstood, she hates Bella and therefore she is a a wonderful person!!

person 9: the volturi drink humans and are true to themselves!!!!

person 10: the denali clan don't eat us so they are in our good books!!!

Person 11: The rest of the humans rock cos they are damned to this life of mortality just like us!!!!

Person 12: The Amazon coven is awesome cos they have cool names!!!

Person 13: The coven from Egypt are cool cos they had the guts to walk away!!

Person 14: Maggie, Liam and Siobhan rock cos they just do!!!

Person 15: All nomads rule cos they are not veggies!!!!

Person 16: The Romanians are cool cos they want to overthrow the Volturi!!!

Person 17: Laurent is awesome too cos he nearly kills Bella until Jacob comes along!

Freak: But Bella, Edward and Renesmee are awesome too!

*Fanpire pack looks at one another then simultainiously attack the Freak!!!!*
by idril telperien August 21, 2009
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