10 definitions by icee

the biggest damn players in the world the players of all players
man dem damn ohio players stole ma bitch
by icee May 30, 2007
Short for vagina, a pussy,a womans birth Chanel.
Son, if we go to Murphys nite club, I'm going to get some gina.
by icee October 4, 2014
A person or person's, who leach off of certain women and or men. Kinda like a Sport coat, but more planned out and no game at all. Losers of society, most of the time jumping be person to person without heist. In most cases the other person feels sorry for them. No home ,no car ,no job, no life.
Billy did you see that ulgy guy with that beautiful woman ? How the fuck did he pull her ?Son he is Baby Hewey
by icee August 21, 2018
Asking if you can understand what I'm saying? Do you comprehend the question or feeling? This phrase is really over used.
Ed and Donaven are going on 23 hour ride to Florida, ya know what I mean.
by icee February 21, 2014
The woman who changed my Life. The girl who is my everything. My friend, my Lover, and my rock. One of a kind, and my true Love.
I thank the Lord everyday for bringing Krystal back in my Life.
by icee February 12, 2023
The one, that guy everyone wants to be like. The man next door who you can count on. A true ladies man, a modern pimp. A beast in the bed room, and a friend to the end.
Ben said, when I grow up I want to be just like mikehandy.
by icee February 15, 2014