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hotknives are the pair of butterknives you get red hot with a stove or blowtorch. when they are tsss hot, you touch a ball of hash/weed (marijuana) with one of them then sandwich the ball with the other butterknife. hotknives,also known as blades, is a very good way to get high.
put the hotknives on, mang.
by hotknives :D May 27, 2003

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similar to a 'gravity bong' (but without water) an ironlung is a 2 liter POP bottle that has its bottom cut off. there is a thick plastic bag (shake n' bake bag?) TaPeD around the bottom of the bottle. you cut a hole in the top of the Cap and put a Bowl in there. push the plastic up, inhale to remove air, put the bowl/cap on the bottle, fill it with weed, light it and pull on the String or something that you have TaPeD to the baG. WoW look at all that THICK YELLOW POT SMOKE :D remove cap and inhale. be carefull ive seen people barf off of the high they get from smoking weed this way :D
wtF is an ironlung ? besides hotknives or a vaporizer is it the best way to smoke BC BUD (the crack cocaine of marijuana) ? yep. :D
by hotknives :D May 28, 2003

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by the way you hold a 2 liter POP bottle (with the bottom cut off) to your mouth while someone does the hotknives for you (duh!:)
unf unf
by hotknives :D May 29, 2003

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