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A stupid man with no self esteem who takes it all out on me... he has affairs swears and screams, verbally and physcially abuses everyone, has my mom on an allowance even though he personally has over a million dollars in his daddys inheritance...is always my 'dad' when it comes to grounding or physically abusing, but totally steps out when it's time for driving or any other thing that would require anything on his part. Enjoys stirring people up, as in turning off my TV and breaking off my door so I don't have one anymore and he can look in while I am changing. Has lots of affairs and doesn't see anything wrong with this. Unenrolled me at my school when I made honor roll and told everyone it was because I failed out. Pretentious asshole.
don't call that motherfucker my dad, he's my step dad.
by hi there my name is susan June 02, 2007

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