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A middle school in the smaller town of Holden, MA. This school looks like a nazi concentration camp with its tall blank walls and metal gates. The teachers at this school are ok but some hate children and/or are on a constant period. The office staff at this school can be rather bitchy. They decided to buy smart boards for every class, and an Imac for every office worker in place of working ceilings, doors, toilets, sinks, lights, a good gym, science equiptment, chorus room, bandroom, or an orchestra room. The kids at this school are either pothead jocks, sluts, smelly, stupid, or quietly homicidal. The kids here are so bored with their lives they spend there days crying, gettin high, or losing their virginitys.
Reeta:"So you go to Mountview Middle School, I heard its nice."

by happy fart cat April 21, 2011

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