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a store located in a chasm deep in the Himmalayas. Which can only be reached by riding an eagle and scaling a 900 foot tall brick wall with your bare hands. Once there you must man press 100 pounds.

Inside the man store there is a single aisle. This aisle, several miles long, contains all the mansentials; guns, knives, porn, beef jerkey, condoms, and inflatable Jessica Albas. There is also a library section, which contains 1 book. This book is 1 page long and made of solid lead. On this page all the mansentials are covered. The book is so large you need a spotter to read it.

There is also a nearby woMan store which sells everything a woman needs; lingire and cooking supplies.
Chad: Dude we should have a fucking feast!!!
Alex: Lets go to the man store and get some mansentials!
by griffin beltran June 11, 2008

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all things that are needed by a true man.
potatoes (only acceptable meat suppliment)
polar bear
Other meats
Costco muffins
chicken bakes
energy drinks
cool hawip
wife beaters
trucker hats
and many more
dude we need some mansentials!
go get some zebra steaks!
by griffin beltran June 11, 2008

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The state of being so desperate for female attention one acts and dresses gay. This can range from on rare occasion to daily.

This may include tight white pants, a tight vest with no shirt, and a belt buckled on the hip.

see also; metro
Wow did you see Sisco? He's looking pretty desperately straight tonight... poor guy, hasnt been getting much lately.
by Griffin Beltran June 09, 2008

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A store located near the man store which has all items essential to woman: lingire and cooking supplies
babe get to the woman store and get some lingire
by griffin beltran June 13, 2008

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a random pot luck that occurs when men each bring individual mansentials.
this feast can occur anywhere, during class, at work, during a road trip
I need to sleep after that man feast
by griffin beltran June 13, 2008

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