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Upset or overly upset about something. Comes from "overwrought."
Sue dumped John, and John is so wrought over it.
by gregin November 16, 2018

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whatever is going on
Yo, man, what's layin'?
Not much, dude, s'layin' with you?
by gregin January 15, 2019

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Nickname for Lakers player Lonzo Ball.
Zo help us much when he go hard to da hoop.
by gregin November 25, 2018

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Short for "excellent." Comes from second and third syllables of excellent. Pronounced "keh-la"
That music video was cela.
by gregin November 02, 2018

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To have fun swimming.
"How was the pool party this weekend?"
"Oh, it was great, we wuz just dolphining around."
by gregin December 17, 2019

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To use marijuana
Are you gonna dagga this weekend?
Naw, man, my trips are too intense, they wear me out.
by gregin November 15, 2019

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Can refer to cavemen or cavewomen when we don't know which sex was involved in something.
This painting was done by a caveperson, we don't know if it was a woman or a man.
by gregin August 08, 2019

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