82 definitions by gregin

A female who's very into fashion, clothing
Jane's always reading those fashion magazines, like Vogue and Elle.
Oh yeah, she's a real fasha.
by gregin December 5, 2020
Having watched so many vids that you're brain-froze
Joe linked this vid for me to watch but I'm vidded-out.
by gregin May 25, 2020
To be a boyfriend to someone. "Boyfriend" used as a verb.
"Ella is so pretty."
"I know, I really wanna boyfriend her."
by gregin January 3, 2020
Short for son of a bitch. Another way to say son of a bitch.
Bullies are real bitchsons.
by gregin October 17, 2021
Something that has good intellectual substance, such as a good book or lecture.
I want to make sure I get to that panel discussion, it's gonna be real chewy.
by gregin September 20, 2019
Dude, let's go to that party.
Okay, first I gotta go hit bottom.
by gregin January 30, 2021
Short for delicious, same as delish
Dude let's go to Star Pizza that food is dlish
by gregin March 11, 2020