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A foot shooting male who glamorizes his demonizer BASED on age (older women) while demonizing his own gender BASED on age.

He calls older males who seduce young college girls "predatory dirty old men" then calls himself a "hunter". He glamorizes the being who will call him "pervert, predator, dirty old man" when he becomes a sugardaddy as his polarity shifts downwards towards women younger than him.... An inevitability since 90% of males marry and few marry someone older than them.

He rewards women's age based demonization of him with age based glamorization while the rest of males marry females younger than us because.... F that double standard. Its a HUGE turn off.
"when I was 22 I was a milfhunter. I loved a 40 year old woman. I gave 4 yaers of my life to her. Then I turned 40 and young women because the mysterious woman and I met Sherry who was 22. The milfs i once glamorized.... descended upon us with their standard vicious labels 'you pervert predator dirty old man she can be your daughter. How dare you catch up on the youth we took from you DIRTY OLD MAN. You sick creepy old man'. They told her I was "dangerous" just because I was 40. That's what the milfs I glamorized did to endless 10000s of boytoys of the past. Thats when I realized who milf REALLY IS (my demonizer). And I realized who I really was all along (a sucker). NOWWW i get it."
by gloonie roonie November 08, 2006

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