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I've been reading a lot of entries of people who are against people who hate abercrombie, they are saying that we stereotype them as "preppys" and "rich kids" well they are doing the same thing

i choose not to wear abercrombie & fitch not because i am too poor, or too fat, or emo, or any of the other crap they are saying. i choose not to wear it because they are racist, they say the hire "american looking people" because it is an "all american store" which would explain why they are making people in the philippines work 15 hrs. a day to make their clothes and sometimes get paid less than a dollar an hour.

and for people who have to put shirtless guys and hot models to advertise their store, they must be pretty pathetic.
"oh look at all those pretty girls on this abercrombie and fitch website! i guess if i ask my daddy for a few extra hundred dollars, i could buy that shirt and look just as sexy!"
by g r a c i e April 20, 2006

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