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Funnybag is an entertaining and engaging multi-purpose appliance, made from a disposal bag.

This piece of entertainment is created during a boring flight. Because there was nothing around to play with, the disposal bag was used as a ball. After that, funnybag turned out to be good for just about anything.

What's in the bag?

There is nothing in the bag. Unless you put something in it. This is not recommended because it decreases the funny factor.
Funnybag can not only be used as a garbage bag or puke bag, but it's also a great partner to carry with you when you are traveling.

Warning: Do NOT use the funnybag while you are commuting. People WILL think you are mentally insane.

Besides that, funnybag can be used everywhere.

The word funnybag can also act as a compliment to someone that is...pretty funny.
For example: "Haha, you're such a funnybag."

But also in a serious manner such as: "Your honour, with all due respect, I did not touched his funnybag".

The big bag secret

The big secret about the funnybag is that it's absolutely not funny at all. Because of this, funnybag can also be very annoying. Moreover, funnybag is so unfunny, that it's actually pretty funny.
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