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A bathroom photoshoot is a photo session that takes place in a bathroom. Usually these are self portraits taken in the bathroom in front of a mirror. These portraits are intended to be uploaded into social networking sites such as myspace or facebook. Pictures are taken of one's reflection in a mirror or the camera is simply held out at arms reach to get a snapshot.
Ellen's bathroom photoshoot pics came out bad! You could see dirty towels and trash all over the floor in the background. Her abs looked nice though.
by fsulaurie November 04, 2009

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An athlete that makes an unbelievable ass of himself in the public eye.
Tiger Woods is an asslete for cheating on that gorgeous wife of his.
by fsulaurie December 02, 2009

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One who has a large or voluptuous butt. Opposite of the word "busty" meaning a large bust. Buttsy refers to one's large butt.
I am having a hard time finding jeans that fit in the butt. They are all just too tight in the rear. I guess I am just too buttsy.
by fsulaurie November 22, 2009

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A fart released by a female. Femfarts may be short in duration, high-pitched, squeaky, unexpected and sometimes can be silent but smelly.
Anne and I were cruising in her car to the mall, when all of a sudden she let out a femfart with no warning.
by fsulaurie August 25, 2009

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Any lotion or moisturizer that promises to firm up the skin and ease the look of cellulite and flabbiness. It is an industry wide lie that these products will eliminate one's cellulite or firm up sagging skin.
I told Sara to stop using the moisturelieser because there is no way that stuff will make that cellulite on her thighs go away. She needs to go to go to the gym.
by fsulaurie August 22, 2009

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This is rage brought on by all things snow storm related. It could occur while driving in snow, shoveling the snow, digging your car out from the snow, or not having the proper tools to deal with the snow.
Johnny: I left my snow shovel by the garage and now its missing. Turns out my next door neighbor took it without asking and never brought it back! Now I'm really pissed!

Mark: Calm down. Don't let the snow rage get to you!

Johnny: I'm going to use my snow blower and blow all this snow on her driveway she just shoveled!
by fsulaurie February 08, 2011

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A burp made without opening one's mouth. It can still be heard but is not as loud as a traditional burp. It is often an attempt to squelch an oncoming burp.
From the look on Charlie's face and the sound coming from his chest, that was an intraburp.
by fsulaurie August 21, 2009

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