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something referring to the greek community, can be either female or male. is often imitated by members outside the greek community also known as tools or gdi's. a lifestyle not just a style. Common fratty things are the horse (polo), the gator (lacoste), NEVER Tommy Hilfieger, the North Face, mountain hardware, reefs/rainbows, brooks brothers, tailgating, chapter meetings, shacking, being generally better than gdi's.
fraternity brother 1: hey do you like my new polo, hopefully the sorority girls will.
fraternity brother 2: definitly dude the horse is always FRATTY

gdi: damn its so bright out and im so bored.
fratty guy: hell yes dude im hammered at frat pit and im so glad that i have my ray bans to protect myself from this ridiculous sun.
by frat god October 03, 2006
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