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n. someone who is dead or is thought to be dead -- very difficult to ascertain

v. -ing

from Yahoo! Trivia Madness! (/join Trivia Madness!:1) chat room... ask any regular, it's been a running gag for years
godfather_of_geek: GO CRIMS

godfather_of_geek: A: ELTON JOHN

gerrycook: did bolan die? or am I just gene wilder-ing him?

qurious_georgie: left the Room

crimson_canuck: OK..EASY MUSIC Q

godfather_of_geek: he died a long time ago

ersatz_genes: lol gerry

winter_boots_n_lags: wtg canuck!!

gerrycook: ok

relee64: bolan - dead in my book

silk_onthelake: lol gerry
by former canuck June 17, 2004

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