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(n) the touchdown celebration in which the scoring player leaps into the arms of awaiting fans in the stands
Curly Lambeau was founder and first coach for the Green Bay Packers-the packers stadium is named after him. Robert Brooks is credited with popularizing the celebratory move, but safety LeRoy Butler is the innovator of the Lambeau Leap. Both player belonged to the Green Bay packers. Butler 'invented' the move Dec. 26, 1993. Here's how it happened: In the fourth quarter, Los Angeles Raiders quarterback Vince Evans completes a second-down swing pass to running back Randy Jordan, who takes the ball to the Raiders' 40-yard-line before Butler forces a fumble that is recovered by Reggie White at the Raiders' 35. After running with the ball for 10 yards, White lateralles it to Butler, who runs the remaining 25 yards into the end zone and then makes a spontaneous leap into the arms of fans in the south bleachers.
by football 4 life May 27, 2006

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