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a kick ass band whos members are peter wentz(bass), andy hurley(drums), joe trohman(guitar), and patrick stump(guitar/vocals) they were formed in 2001. patrick was last to join the band, he came in after an audition after he met joe in borders. Fall Out Boy got their name after a couple of shows they were nameless so they asked the crowd what their name should be someone replied fall out boy at the time they didn't know the simpsons had a character named fallout boy they released 2 cds before they were on trl, eveining out with your girlfriend and take this to your grave. contrary to popular belief they do have more songs than sugar were goin down and dance dance so dont decide after you hear those songs that you do or dont like them they are not a reflection upon the band they have recently released a new video for their song "a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me" all the songs are written by pete except for a few on take this to your grave that andy and joe wrote. pete owns a clothing company called clandestine industries he also owns a record label called decaydance
Fall Out Boy has no label they are not emo so don't clasify them as emo
person 1: have you heard fall out boy they are awesome
person 2: yeah i love their song calm before the storm
person 1: umm i love dance dance and sugar were goin down
person 2: their older stuff is better
person 1: what older stuff
person 2: X-|
by fob owns you March 14, 2006
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