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A reena is typically a female that spends excessive amounts of time watching House and reading MLIA.

A reena tends to find mundane, stupid things exorbitantly exciting, such as Snuggies and bubble wrap.
The reena can be very mean when it wants to be, and has a sharp toungue, which it has most likely adopted from Simon Cowell and/or Lily Allen and/or Greg House.

It also tries to be badass, but has a sticky, gooey inside that has a weakness for cute things, like puppies and donuts.

Be extra cautious while approaching a reena, as they are known to be volatile and violent at times. If you by chance run into a reena and it shows signs of anger, slowly back away keeping your hands above your head and offer it some colorful items that you probably find stupid (ex.: bendy straws, raisin bran, animal crackers, dinosaur stickers, etc.)
The reena has also warned many people that it is important to be prepared for the incoming zombie apocalypse. It requests that you keep an adequate supply of multi-layered clothing, face masks, ducks, and venus razors.
Person 1: So dude, today, i accidentally ran into this reena down and stop n save.
Person 2: oh shit! what was it doing?
Person 1: it was buying some ducks for the zombie apocalypse.
Person 2: Oh dayum, thats so sketch. what did you do?
Person 1: dude, i like, gave it some pink dinosaur chicken nuggets and it like smiled and walked away.
Person 2: dude, fosho!
Person 1: i know. it was pretty rad
by fo.sho December 27, 2009
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