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What your brain says you are, not what's in your pants, for that is sex.
Whoever says sex and gender is the same thing, I'm going to have gender with your mom.
by floridaFargone August 12, 2021
A children's dress up app targeted towards little kids... but clearly, they shouldn't be allowed to use this app. And clearly, they shouldn't be allowed to use the internet in general until they're older. The people in this community have been generalized as children who have sex and say bigoted shit.
Gacha Life user: Slavery is good, and if you don't agree, I'll tickle your balls.
Rational human being: What the fuck?
by floridaFargone November 22, 2021
Some people think it's some fucked up religion that thinks sex isn't real and that everyone and their kids MUST be transed.

In reality, it's just people denoting a clear difference between sex and gender. One is down there (and much more), and one is up there (and much more). People will call anyone in favor of helping trans people "gender ideologists", but will refuse to elaborate on what "gender ideology" is.
Bob: GRRRRRRRRRR... all these gender ideology people and their pronouns!
Richard: Dude, what are you even saying?
Bob: Didn't you hear, man? They want to trans your kids!
Richard: I don't think that trans girl with the Nintendo Switch cares about your kids.
Laura: Sup?
by floridaFargone July 10, 2022
Used to mean anyone who manipulated an underage person for sexual purposes (i.e. a pedophile), or for indoctrinating them into an ideology (i.e. Christianity)...

But now people seem to use it whenever someone is in favor of telling anyone that LGBTQ people exist, or that it's okay to be gay/trans... or hell, just being gay/trans is apparently enough to warrant being called a groomer by rightoids.
Person 1: I'm proud to be a transbian.
Person 2: So you're a groomer who fucks kids?
Person 1: What?
by floridaFargone August 26, 2022
The suicide ATTEMPT rate amongst trans folks, not how many trans folks actually die from suicide. This is also not to be used as a tool to harass trans people to either make them stop being trans/making them kill themselves.
Not the transphobe: Hey man, you're being a dick. Can you stop?
The transphobe: iT's OnLy A jOkE! I'm gonna go play Gacha Life now.
by floridaFargone November 22, 2021
Basically the opposite of trans. It is suggested that you don't equate this with being "normal", just because it's more common. And no, it is not a slur used to dehumanize cis women, it literally just means you're not trans.
Say you were born male, and you are still fine with identifying as male this entire time rather than transitioning; that would mean that you're cis. And remember to...
by floridaFargone July 10, 2022
The New England Patriots player who was caught cheating because his balls were deflated. In game "South Park: Fractured but Whole", if you try to enter codes a little to early, Cartman will call you Tom Brady.
Cartman: Hey, Tom Brady, you wanna play the game, or do you just wanna be known as a smug cheating bitch for the rest of your life?
by floridaFargone November 22, 2021