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Evolution is a theory(more like a hypothesis) from unintelligent folks who deny the intelligent design of God. They believe organisms can change species over a long period of time and improve.
They also, think mixing two different kinds of organisms from the same species can be considered as evolution. This is obviously just breeding. Its purpose is for better survival in different environments. For example, if you look at an African elephant it has bigger ears for shade, because the environment is hotter then that of an Indian elephant. Now if you mate the two that wouldn't change the species so I would hardly call that evolution.
Evolutionists also believe that forms of ageing can be considered as evolution. I don’t really need to explain that this isn't evolution, as it's just simple ageing that’s completely natural.
Sometimes when an organism reproduces it has abrupt or marked changes from it's offspring this is called mutation. This makes the offspring worse then it's parents so you couldn't call it evolution because the offspring would become incapable of everything it's Supposed to do which makes it worse.
As a result evolution is just an idea by a fellow named Charles Darwin, who made up evolution to confuse people about Christianity.
If you are interested in the oldest most reliable document to date with the most recorded and accurate copies try the bible. Science shows it has more copies of itself then famous civilizations had such as Egypt, Greece, ect. No wonder Christianity is one of the world’s largest beliefs.
Evolution was created by Charles Darwin, which contradicts the idea of Creation.
by flip is a Genius January 20, 2006

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