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Some of this is myth and exaggeration. I watch all combat sports, kickboxing, MMA, boxing, K-1 everything, and i also watch the real Muay Thai fights from Thailand although not on TV.

The guy who said "I saw some Muay Thai practitioner kill a guy with his bare hands."

Man that's just stupid. A MT fighter has no more chance of killing a guy with his bare hands than a boxer. Of course if a guy is unconscious you can beat him to death. From a guy who actually WATCHES guys like Dekkers, Kiatmontep and Buakaw(although he's basically K-1 now) they are weak punchers in comparison to professional boxers. I have not seen one MT fighter who hits like Rafael Marquez, Trinidad or any other top hard-hitting pro boxer. Their kicks are extremely powerful, they knee and elbow, but they have no real huge punchers.

Plus, it's nowhere near as brutal as you guys keep saying. I've yet to see a fight as brutal as Gatti-Ward or Corrales-Castillo in MT. Most of the fights consist of, just like boxing, the two fighters looking at each other waiting for openings, tapping their lead foot off the floor ready to block leg kicks. There are far fewer cleanly landed strikes to the head, in fact in the vast majority of fights i've seen they are sparse. Just because they knee and elbow and shin kick doesn't immediately make the fights all wars. It's mostly exchanging leg kicks. I have to admit i've trained in MT and leg kicks are actually far more painful than a punch to the nose, but this still doesn't make it a more brutal art. There are very few knees landed to the head, as the MT fighters are very upright for this particular reason. I've yet to see MT fights with knee frenzies like Wanderlei Silva in Pride FC.

BTW I call them Thai boxers i don't care if that's offensive to some retards it's a fucking real sport not an ancient "art", many of the top MT fighters like John Wayne Parr use the term so i don't care.

Anyways while MT is brutal, it's less brutal than boxing. There are FAR fewer head blows, a lot more pain but it's still less dangerous than boxing. In a 10 round non-championship fight a professional boxer takes hundreds of punches to the head let alone in a 12 round championship fight and these days with alphabet soup belts most fights with the top fighters are championship fights. MT brutality is WAAAAYYY overrated.
Muay Thai at the top level(not cans) has far fewer KOs than boxing.
by fight fan June 25, 2005
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