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This is an art based website/forum/blog. It does have many talented people who deserve to be there, for art's sake, to share their art with the world and to recieve and give feedback. But then...

..There are the other..select few who submit meaningless pictures of themselves...and or ones with nothing but blood and razors and shots of people slitting their wrists.

There is also a Wapanese cult that is being mass produced here. The ones who are into anime, and think that they were born and bred in Japan..and were sent here to America to teach the young ones how you should really be. You should listen to Japanese Rock and sing along, to songs you can't translate or understand. To songs that could be really saying, I like bunnies and rainbows and pretty sunsets.

Also here, you may find the JRockers, somewhat mentioned above. These other..select few enjoy listening to hardcore screaming Japanese men, who look like teenage girls, and like to paint there faces white and draw designs and Japanese symbols with liquid eyeliner. But then after sampling the sounds of this music you could ask one of these persons, "Do you like Slip Knot, or Marilyn Manson, they sound just the same.." and this Jrocker would respond, "Are you insane, omg I hate them they totally are teh suck"

This cult usually submits "art" that is nothing more than drawings, or fanart of the totally fav anime characters. They may also submit pictures of themselves all dressed up as their favorite Jrocker and/or anime character, also known as Cosplaying. If not this, then pictures from the web of various members of Japanese rock bands that are "photoshopped" up.
Deviantart Person 1: ^^ omg yay.
Deviantart Person 2: What?!??!
Deviantart Person 1: I heart Jrock good.
Deviantart Person 2: What does that have to do with art? You are so part of that cult...
by feedback i care not for July 13, 2005
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