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The main site is fine, but the forums are a different story. One of the worst places to look for advice on the internet, only bested by, of course, 4chan. If you have a personal question to ask, don't look here. Typical answers to any question include:

2.Kill them
3.Rape them, then kill them, then rape their dead body.
4.Rape again.
OP-Hey guys, my best friend and I just had a fight, and I think I made him really mad. What should I do?
Typical Gametrailers forum dweller-Kill them, take their money, then rape them.
OP-But we're both guys!
Typical GT forum dweller-And?
by feceslov3r September 30, 2008

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A prick/douche hybrid. A term reserved for those individuals who so utterly and frequently piss you off that simply applying the "prick/douche" label is not enough.

Most commonly directed towards, but not exclusive to, males.

Jorge: Man, Phillip, I can't believe you jizzed on my face after I passed out last night.

Phillip: What a fuckin' pouche.

Jorge: Man, you just called yourself a pouche.

Phillip: Fuck, man, I guess I really am a pouche.

by feceslov3r February 11, 2009

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