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Famous for the horse-dragging of 2002 and some alleged pigs under the courthouse when Lincoln visited, Taylorville is neighbor to meth-ridden "city of roses" Pana, IL and is just south of the state capitol, Springfield,IL. In fact, when referring to this small town of approximately 11,000 people, most refer to it as "the town 20 minutes south of springfield." The town's only daily newspaper is full of mistypes and spelling errors and the whole place is run by self-righteous persons, reflecting on whether or not Larry Barry's tire prices are justified. Do Not Visit. The shoddy excuse for "Christmas in the Park" is no excuse. Bill's Toasty might be the one legit reason for driving through.
Ah, Taylorville, IL... where the corn grows high and Victor Pop strolls freely.
by fauxsquirrelcoats November 14, 2012

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