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oft. derog. a black person, a negro

derived from the apparent sound of pigeons ("look at the coons, look at the coons...")
A black woman and her son board a plane which is full of 'KKK' members. The pilot, being a 'Klansman' himself, realises this and, after the flight has taken off, he says over the P.A.,"to avoid an emergency, we must shed some weight. Unfortunately, someone will have to jump from the plane. To save any problems, we'll go in alphabetical order. A is for 'African Americans.'"

The woman and her child don't move.

"B is for 'Blacks.'"

They still don't move.

"C is for 'coons.'"

They still don't get up.

The little boy turns to his mother and says, "Mum, why didn't we get up, all of those names describe us."

His mother replied, "it's okay, son, 'K' comes before 'N'. We're 'Niggers' today."
by fat_frank June 17, 2009
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