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the magical book where your aim, do now, and daily summary go.
homie #1: you forgot your do now book in the classroom
homie #2: oh thanks bro
by fairycxt February 25, 2020
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sq3rs everywhere! bitchy teacher who won't let you leave class unless you hand in your lab. leave class when the bell rings? NOT ALLOWED. the bell doesn't dismiss you, reinke does. "daily summary for hw!" the teachers chant. chanting:
esrt esrt esrt esrt
homie #1: ay bro was there any science hw?
homie #2: yeah reinke gave us an sq3r, 50 page packet to do with the esrt, a 60 question castle learning, and a take home quiz.
homie #2: *dies*
by fairycxt February 25, 2020
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every single minute of earth science is filled with joy.
but on the inside all you feel is sadness, you just want to leave and go to lunch.
but you cant.
you are trapped until you spend every last minute of earth science blissfully
homie #1: theres only 2 more minutes left in the period
reinke: thats 2 blissful earth science minutes, dont pack up until i tell you to
by fairycxt February 25, 2020
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ex: nicolette polimine

no other context is needed
bob: that nicolette girl is a total hoe
everyone: *agrees*
by fairycxt February 25, 2020
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not paying attention in class? dont understand the lesson? well then the daily summary will make you cry.
a summary of your blissful earth science minutes in your do now book.
homie #1: can i copy your daily summary?
homie #2: yeah just change it up a little so she doesnt think we copied
homie #1: ok thanks bro
by fairycxt February 25, 2020
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