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my univrise; an inside joke between both ruba and ava. this originated because, ruba would call ava her "universe" but spell it "univrise" because, she didn't know how to spell "universe". therefore, came the nickname and inside joke, "univrise"
"hey bestie, you're my univrise!" ;)
by ewdontcomehere June 05, 2019
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best friend; a best friend is there for you when no one else is. yeah, they might think your insane or completely out of your mind but, let's be honest, they are too! they keep you from doing stupid things. like, texting your ex. you might be down for it now... but hon, we both know in 24 hours, it's gonna be a WHOLE 'nother ball game! they love you no matter what. even if they wanna kill you! they are there for your every moment. the sad ones, the happy ones, the ones you just can't ever let go of, and the ones you never wanna think of again. they aren't only your best friend, but they're like your sister, mom, and even SOMETIMES kinda like your girlfriend! you have the type of friendship that might make you wonder, "why am i friends with this person?", but other times... "how am i so lucky to be friends with this person?" you seriously love them with all of your heart and even through thick and thin, they are your person. they are your sidekick, ride or die, day one, twin, sibling, wifey, mom, and most importantly... best friend.
"ruba is a girl's best friend."
by ewdontcomehere June 05, 2019
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do we have any lemons?; this phrase is a line inside the movie, paranormal activity. this movie was being watched by three friends. these friends are, sarrinah, ruba, and ava. it was quite funny because, although the movie was supposed to be scary, it was actually extremely comical. therefore, these three girls couldn't stop laughing at this one random scene, and decided to make it a longrunning joke.
girl 1: "hey, dO wE hAvE aNy lEmOns?"
girl 2: "haha! i don't know, do we?"
by ewdontcomehere May 04, 2020
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