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1. In a role playing game, to invest most of a player's status points in one or two attributes at the expense of all of the player's other stats.

2. When an individual chooses to develop certain specialties, usually of the intellectual variety, while neglecting other areas of their personal development, usually social skills and charisma.
"Jane min/maxed her barbarian character with level 10 strength but level 0 defense, dexterity, intelligence, charisma, perception and luck. Now she can carry the heaviest axe and attack really hard but she has almost no life, she can't hit the broad side of a barn, can't cast any spells, is socially awkward, oblivious to everything and everyone around her and she can't ever catch a break."

"John is such an aspie. He's super smart but has no empathy, self-perception or social awareness of any kind. He's intolerable to spend time around. Working in STEM is so draining because guys like him are everywhere and no one holds them accountable for being shitty so they will probably never change."
by evilspirals November 26, 2015
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