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One of 2018's first memes. Pretty stupid
by eners49 February 6, 2018
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someone who thinks the word "retard" is offensive and should be cancelled
A: This thing is so fucking retarded
B: Don't say that! It's offensive to mentally handicapped people!
A: I like how you personally took offense to it, do you have anything you want to tell us
by eners49 August 18, 2021
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A game released in 2006, which, along with the song "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi, has proceeded to spawn some of the most retarded memes on the Internet.
by eners49 March 17, 2019
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A magic force that compels 9 year olds to changing their profile picture into a weird looking man wearing shades.
Oh yeah yeah
by eners49 January 25, 2019
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A number that can tell you a little bit about any person.
Here is a random example on a random person.
3 + 3 = Number of chromosomes that Person 1 is missing
3 - 3 = Number of friends that Person 1 has
3 x 3 = Number of genetic disorders that Person 1 was born with
3 / 3 = Person 1's mental age
3 ^ 3 = Number of girls that Person 1 has dated, only to break up with them before the date even begins
sqrt (3) = On the 1 to 100 scale, where 1 is the least, this is how much we like Person 1.
33 = The age, at which Person 1 is believed to die.
In a word, describe yourself. 3
by eners49 May 27, 2017
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A character on the keyboard with literally no purpose whatsoever. It looks like an idiot's apostrophe but is referred to as a "grave accent." Its secondary function is a ~ (the tilde), which is basically just the same thing. No purpose whatsoever.
Who the hell put the ` on the keyboard? No one ever told me what the fuck it's supposed to do anyway.
by eners49 February 5, 2017
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Basically someone crazy. Kind of a synonym of "freak", but there is no humor in calling someone a freak, so if you want humor, call them a freakasaurus.
Freakasaurus was also mentioned in episode 15, season 2, of Star Trek: Voyager.
Has anyone ever told you you're a real freakasaurus?
by eners49 January 25, 2017
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