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okay. i know that there are quiet a few definitions of scene, but here's mine:

A scene person is like emo, only brighter. everything *must* be about them. they tease their hair, normally spending hours on it and often spend nearly an hour on their eye makeup.

How to be scene:
- get your hair cut choppy and layered
- start wearing *tight* skinny jeans
- wear a lot of eyeliner
- wear many colorful braceletes
- tease your hair (make your head look fat)
- wear little girl bows (cuz their so cute. :D )
- wear tight tee shirts with band logo's or such things as dinosaurs on the front. kids shows works just as well. ex: Ben 10.
- wear converse.

- you can wear a bright, multicolored jacket
- tutu's fit in perfectly :)
- make strange facial expressions and hand movements (it's just so much fun :D )
- be hyper
- take pictures from a down angle
- dying parts of your hair strange colors is good
- have a dark hair color, such as brown or black
- make sure your hair falls over part of your face!
- listen to bands such as Dot Dot Curve:) and Nickasaur!
-Be obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas stuff and Gir
"I just LOVED that Jack Skellington shirt i saw at Hottopic! I am SOOOO going to get it!"

"I saw this AMAZING Gir jacket at Walmart."

"I'm scene! Not emo! Do you not see my hair!"
by emo/scenegirl:P January 18, 2010
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