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A recently built high school in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania. Built because the East Stroudsburg School District became so populated they had to split into 2 different school systems. Although the name of this school system is East Stroudsburg North, it is not located in East Stroudsburg or even Monroe County. In fact, it is about a 30 minute drive away from East Stroudsburg. The school is filled with many wannabies, posers, and black/hispanic kids from new york/new jersey. Because they suck in all of their athletics, they claim that the ORIGINAL east stroudsburg highschool, East Stroudburg South are their rivals. However, east stroudsburg south has been rivals with stroudsburg highschool for almost 100 years. East stroudsburg north needs to relize that south is not their rivals and they need to relize they are horrible in football. North has never beaten south once in football. Never.They do have a decent girls basketball team, but this is only because there school has tons of tough black girls from new york city. so overall, this is a shitty school that can not even compare to the original east stroudsburg highschool,eastburg south, or any other highschool for that matter.
East Stroudsburg North Student-"Yeah man, our football team was amazing this year. We were almost .500!
East Stroudsburg South student-"Haha, well we won the Mountain Valley Conference again and you guys sucked, again. Well i have to go get ready for Turkey Day against our rivals, Stroudsburg. Get a life!
by east stroudsburg south student December 20, 2008
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