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The act of the male sex organ penetrating the female sex organ, thus installing it inside the girl.
"Houston, we have lowered our shields and are ready for installation!"
by Dylan Hewson April 20, 2005
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There is no 'urban' definition for morning because the type of people who speak 'urban' do not know what morning is.
"Now that I've got a job I've got to get up in THE MORNING."
"Morning? What the hell's that?"
by Dylan Hewson June 20, 2005
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installing, is the act of sticking the male sex organ into the female sex organ. Thus, INSTALLING it inside the girl.
"My Limewire is currently being installed into your system!"
by Dylan Hewson April 20, 2005
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things in your life like drugs, hookers, imported jewelry, etc. are all ADDITIONAL. Unlike your job and all your other 'socially acceptable' assets. Bohemian language.
"Dave likes to make out that he's fully yuppie and all straight, but really most of what he owns and does is all additional, so he's just a boho.
by Dylan Hewson April 20, 2005
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How you're having sex with your partner.
"What's our position tonight, booba?"
"Oh dear"
by Dylan Hewson May 27, 2005
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Verb. To bother incessantly.
"Stop badgering her, she's not interested in buying another pair of your cheap trainers."
by Dylan Hewson August 02, 2005
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Something Neil Young can't find.

(also, someone really nice)
"'I've been a miner for a heart of goooldd-'"

"Hey, good song!"
by Dylan Hewson June 21, 2005
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