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A town in Southern Ontario, Canada, best know for it's hisoric horseshow-shaped waterfall. A growing tourist destination over the years, it is now home to many casinos, clubs, hotels, restaurants, and Gentlemen's Clubs. Sometimes refered to as the Las Vegas of Canada. A popular area is Clifton Hill, where people from many countries, and locals from other municipalities in the Niagara region can be found, because it's just about the only good place to go if you live here. Unfortunately, this this area is heavily policed, because of the car loads of American college students who come over to go to the bars and start chirping people and starting fights because they've never been to a bar before or had good Canadian beer, which is stronger then what they have back home.
Non-Canadian: "So, where are you from"
Canadian: "Canada"
Non-Canaidan: "Ohhh, igloos, hockey, and Niagara Falls!"
Canadian: "Umm, yeah I guess"
by dumb inc October 17, 2009

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