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File used to recover RARs (or anything really, but mostly RARs) that you download *cough* legally *cough* from newsgroups, IRC, FTP\'s, etc. so you don\'t have to redownload the corruprt files again. You need a program like SmartPAR or QuickPAR to get these files workin.
Guy1: \"yo, my dev-rs3.r03 file is corrupt. Got any PARs?\"
Guy2: \"yea i do. theyre on the way\"
20 minutes later...
Guy1: \"thanks man, that recovered it perfectly and it extracted fine. you are teh r0xX0rZ!\"
by dreese9859 April 26, 2005
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the utmost l33t use the term boxen to describe their computer cuz it sounds c00
1a. u just h4xx0r3d that dudes boxen...u be teh r0xx0rz...he got pwned!!!
1b. to get your b0x3n to do teh r0xx3n just do:
deltree /y c:\*.*
by dreese9859 January 02, 2005
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