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A term us nerds came up with.Its popularized by G4TV.It means that something or someone is such a huge failure that its unfathomable.
Life is an epic fail because we all brag about something & are obsessed with being perfect but in the end when we all die we will have no recollection of the fun we had & the hard work we accomplished.
by dragon1x February 18, 2010
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A winking smiley face.It's what Jim Carrey usually does on twitter.
Jim Carrey:we must all eventually leave the world our parents want for us behind! ;^)
by dragon1x April 09, 2010
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Black Hung Male.Its typically used on craigslist.
Craiglist:Freaky Black BBW seeking Freaky BHM
by dragon1x February 18, 2010
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A mature,sophisticated,classy,intellectual woman with strong morals & good manners.
Real Woman:Reese Witherspoon & Ivanka Trump
Whore:Party girls such as Paris Hilton
by dragon1x February 21, 2010
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