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An elite unrealistic philosophy theorized by rich white males who live in big McMansions in the suburbs or rural areas. A philosophy that the individual is the ultimate sovereign and all rights come from him. All public services are criminal and should be abolished and privatised, not just highways and schools but also the Courts. If you do not believe in Anarco Capitalism, you will be labeled a "statist". All forms of government from police to the courts are socialist and should be privatised. All of the Founding Fathers were socialist, your local city councilor, firefighter, your sidewalk and anyone who works for the government is a socialist. The police and courts should be done away with and replaced by Private Defense Agencies even though these defense agencies will resemble Kellog Brown and Root, Haliburton and Blackwater USA and will turn into roving death squads similar to those in Iraq and South America when the war breaks out over who gets to use the sidewalk. Once the war over who gets to use the sidewalk is complete and one defense agency remains after executing its competitors and unwilling customers, anarcho capitalism will give way anarcho fascism.
1. Anarcho capitalist to wife: "Honey I am going to the convienence store to buy some defense and court system"

wife: "Pick up some eggs while your there"

2. Just as there are no atheist in fox holes, you don't believe in anarcho capitalism while your house is burning down and (there is no more fire department) with your wife and kids inside while they are being simultaneously raped by local prisioners who broke out of prison because is privatised.
by douche bag fuck May 28, 2009
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