2 definitions by dina / klaus

an amazing caring person who deserves the world.
his art skills are amazing
me: hi kyew!
kyew: hello how are you doing??
me: im ok how are you
kyew: *proceeds to be fucking epic*
by dina / klaus May 24, 2022
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Hi guys,

I just wanna say I love you all and I trust you with everything. You guys are the best friend group I ever had in my life+ ur the first one to be longer than anything.

You are funny and interesting in your own way sometimes even meow or try to say im a FURRY? (cough, tommy, cough),,,,

besides that you all make me happy somehow when I’m very down and I don’t even talk about it. Thank you so so much for this life with you.
tommy: hey guys!
ed: hello!
me: hey!
(This is the lavender trio :D)
by dina / klaus May 25, 2022
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