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A fat ass, who's a pig. He acts smart he is one of the most stupidest people you'll meet.
God:Mirror, mirror on the wall, whos the dumbest of them all
Mirror:Umm.......... Maulin
God: OH NO! I must now retire
Universe: DEAD
Maulin: Ooh this booger tastes like fart
by dictionary_peep November 14, 2019

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A sad excuse to get out of something...
Friend:You wanna jump off the Himalayas with me?
Wimp:I think my mom's calling!
Next Day, BEEp! Text: having so much fun at the himalayas wish u came?
Wimp:No, I"m trying something new
Friend:Oh, what is it?
Wimp: Got to go my mom is calling!
Few min later, Wimp: Phew, I should say this more often!
by dictionary_peep November 13, 2019

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A book with words.
I am hungry, I want to eat a dictionary.
by dictionary_peep November 13, 2019

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The dumb kid with a mouth the size of an ear. A girl likes him. He is an idiot.
Teacher:Is that gum?
Neer:Yes I can blow a huge bubble
Teacher:I think your mouth's is too small
Neer:Oh, so I don't get detention 4 chewing gum
Teacher:your getting expelled
by dictionary_peep November 14, 2019

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It's none other than Maitri!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA
Maulin: Come here Maulin's daughter, who's really ugly and fat!
Maitri:Sorry Dad,My mom is calling
Maulin:I should start using that when I want to get away from my mad boss after I get caught chewing tobacco.
by dictionary_peep November 26, 2019

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Coronavirus is a virus.
"Hey, Mom! What's for breakfast?" 64 year old gay guy.
"Breaking News your mom died because of coronavirus"Dude readin' News
"Damn, guess it's take out now."hungry guy
"Breaking News you just died because of coronavirus, how do you feel, wait your dead."Dude readin' News
'Damn, guess that means no breakfast."dead guy
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by dictionary_peep April 16, 2020

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