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behaving in a silly or random way in order to appear funny.
'get married sideways'
'cheese moneky spaceman apricot!'
'i'm random!!'
by daveyp May 26, 2005

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See Skizzy Wizz.

When one goes to the bathroom for a piss, spins around until dizzy then proceeds to piss everywhere but in the toilet. One then flushes the chain giving the illusion of a regular piss.
When the next person enters the bathroom they skid across the pissy floor or at least get a nasty surprise.
I wouldn't go in there if I was you, I just took a dizzy wizz!
by daveyp February 07, 2008

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Annoying teenage kids who do everything they can to be as 'alternative' and 'different' as possible.

The term is hard to define but easy to spot, its basically someone who tries to be really 'alternative' by:

- Having some crazy hair style.
- Dressing in an 'idividual' way, eg. waistcoats, girl's clothes on a boy, anything they consider to be different.
- speaking in an 'alternative' way, for example words such as 'prettiful' and just generally made up words and alternative spellings of existing words.
- Liking music which is considered cool, yet not too popular.
- Pretending to be intellignet, they'll tend to like reading etc.
- Acting sensitive.
- Taking pictures of themselves in some form of pose, with some form of editing job in some places, and an awful caption.
- Being 'artistic'

How many of these traits are genuine or just an attempt to be 'cool' is debatable.
just look on myspace tbh, full of scene kids
by daveyp January 11, 2006

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