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The Real Abraham Lincoln first you take a gal and bring er out to a nice dinner. then, you suprise her with balcony seats to a nice show. During the second act, pull a gun on her, and shoot her, point blank, in the temple. then, fornicate with the wound, pulling out ONLY for ejaculation along her jaw line. then, shave her pubic hair, affixing it to said jaw line with the aforementioned semen as adhesive. named after our 16th president who was most well known for the emancipation proclamation, and in no way known for getting his bullet wound fucked by the guy that shot him, John Wilkes Booth.
ex. A
pete: sorry im late to our weekly poker gettogether. i had to shoot my former girlfriend in the head, fuck the hole, ejaculate on her face, shave her pubes, and make a beard out of the cummy hair.

rick: wait, you ABRAHAM LINCOLNED your former girlfriend????

pete: correctamundo!
by davey, paul, charlie May 08, 2006
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