15 definition by darrenkrkc

The sorriest dam place in Maryland and the United States.
Baltimore stinks and is decaying
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007

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1. the capital of the rustbelt

2. a place one will rarely find a job. The ones that are there are leaving soon.

3. its largest city is Detroit where its population is leaving by the droves.

4. its good if you like skiing, snowmobiling, fishing or hunting

5. too many rednecks in the northern part of the state

6. land of decaying, industrial towns of all sizes that are overpopulated with old-fart-GM retirees who dont know how to drive worth a dam

7. Their idiotic northern accent drives me nuts. Dont know how to pronounce simple words like hike,like bike, milk or can. Hike, like and bike are pronounced "hoyk" "loyk" and "boyk." Milk is pronounced "melk" and can is pronounced "ken"
Michigan sucks and has absolutely no hope whatsoever.
by darrenkrkc March 21, 2007

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A modern-day Sodom and Gomorah, where homosexuality is not only accepted, but flaunted. Pretty much the socialist capital of the United States. A place where reality and common sense is not.
San Francisco will be the first city destroyed when our country is judged for its immorality and wickedness.
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007

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The sorriest example of a state I've ever been. Its population is about 11 million and the 7th most populated in the country. Borders Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. It's a land of farms, cornfields and decaying industrial towns like Cleveland, Akron, Toledo and Dayton. Dont be too cruel to Ohio--it has decided the winner of every Presidential election for decades.

Columbus, the sate capital and largest city is OK. It has a lot of culture, thanks to the presence of Ohio State University. It is the 16th largest US city, with 700,000 residents in the city and 1.5 million in its metro area.

Cleveland is a pathetic example of an awsomely-cool town but is home to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. It used to be a major manufacturing center, but those were the days. It has a declining population, about 490,000 in the city 2000. Cleveland is too much like Pittsburgh.

All-in-all Ohio is lousy and I would NEVER want to live there. I can barely tolerate just driving through it.
ohio sucks and might as well be Pennsylvania.
by darrenkrkc March 21, 2007

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Thinks itself to be a metropolitan area, but isn't.

Los Angeles wannabe.

The sorriest place in the desert--nothing but trailer parks, truck stops and drive-ins.

frying eggs on the hood of your car in August

America's meth capital

America's auto theft capital

America's highest rate of skin cancer

A pathetically small downtown.

A home for midwestern snowbirds who dont know how to drive and cause accidents on the freeway.

housing prices are overinflated

Tucson's dream

even sorrier than Vegas
phoenix is not what it is cracked up to be.
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007

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chicago wannabe but never will be
Milwaukee is a minature Chicago that thinks it is hot stuff but isnt.
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007

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Boasting about being the 5th largest American city, is still #6 behind the City of Brotherly Love of Philadelphia.

Capital of the state of Arizona

The capital of methamphetamines

The capital of automoblie theft

The capital of sin cancer

Where illegal immigrants believing themselves to be real Americans, constantly protest along Camelback Road and Central Avenue.

Where eggs fry on the hood of your car in August.

Where housing costs are grossly overated

A Los Angeles wannabe

Where 55 MPH is somehow translated as 90 MPH.

Where you wont ever find the Vince Lombardi Superbowl Trophy.

Somehow has a hockey team.

A grid system where your typical geographically-challenged retard can find their way around.

Most of Arizona's population.

The armpit of the United States, next to Detroit.

People think they are badasses, but are really sissy pussies.

Not Scottsdale

A California reject.

Phoenix is the armpit of the US outside Detroit.
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007

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