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A sexual act similar to the shocker where a man of the cloth astounds and amazes their partner with the notion of a higher power and then quickly zings them in the behind while they are still making sense of the revelations.

Can be generically applied to any time when someone surprises or amazes another person with a statement and quickly fucks the other person while they are distracted.

The person performing the act is referred to as the Ratzinger and the receiving partner is the Ratzingee. Typically, Ratzingees do not come forward about receiving a Ratzinger at a young age for fear of being branded as either gay or a priest of the catholic church. Ratzingers ardently protect their right to perform the act, usually by blocking legislation aimed at preventing Ratzingees from coming forward after they've had 30 or so years to think about what they've learned.
I'd be a better priest if I wasn't busy Ratzingering all the choir boys.

You were so amazed by the bosses statement you didn't even feel him Ratzinger you in that meeting.
by danielcobalt April 12, 2010

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