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While staying in Philidelphia shave your partners ,pubes, while she is sleeping then glue the hair onto your ,pennis,. While she is still asleep ,jackoff, vigorously. When she wakes up your dick will be hard and philadelphia phillies red when she looks at it she will smile at the welcomed harry sight. She will still be in a daze so flip her over and ,butt fuck, her till she screams and says "that pull that ,gorilla dick, out of me!" Then you yell back, "no I love gorilladelphia"
Girlfriend: hey what are you doing? Honey
Boyfriend: nothing now turn over
Girlfriend: Oh no not again! Pull that gorilla dick out of me we've only been in philidelpia two days.
Boyfriend:No way I love gorilladelphia.
Girlfriend:oh well at least hes cleaning out my asshole its gotten pretty full of baby yogurt.
by dan conmy October 19, 2010

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