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A follower of degenerate rock'n'roll and related noise. Term used to apply to fans and followers of Goner Records based out of Memphis, TN.
Ever read the Goner message board? It's full of goners!
by corkballer August 11, 2006

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Another term for "cocksucker" (rooster = cock, lollipop = sucker).
Man, I'd like to find the rooster lollipop that stole my bike!
by corkballer April 12, 2010

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Rambling is a form of walking that generally takes place in the countryside. As it requires nothing more strenuous than walking, rambling is one of the simplest forms of exercise, and one of the least expensive.
Miles took a day off of work to rambling through the Mark Twain National Forest.
by corkballer March 18, 2015

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A variation of baseball that has been played in the St. Louis, MO, area since the early 1900s. Servicemen during World War II helped spread the game to other parts of the country. The game differs from baseball, stickball, and other bat-and-ball games in that there is no base running.
There are several corkball clubs in the St. Louis area, where the sport is still played at area parks with special corkball fields over a hundred years after it was first played.
by corkballer May 06, 2009

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A person who's so pessimistic and lowly (corrupt, depraved, etc.) that they cause others to become equally low or depraved in their presense.
Damn, Carl had such a bad attitude that he was a total degenerator for the rest of the team! That's why we lost the game.
by corkballer August 11, 2006

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Acronym for "Rock and Fuckin' Roll"... RAFR! Often seen on tattoos and used by loud, raucous, trashy rock'n'roll bands.
Did you go see Turbonegro last night? R.A.F.R., dude!
by corkballer September 06, 2011

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Penis, dick, schlong, schwartz, cock, john thomas, trouser snake, pecker, pelvic punisher, purple headed python of love, chile, pito
I was unable to leave the locker room, as the coach was eyeballing my yoid like a hungry Cambodian child.
by corkballer December 31, 2005

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