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A person that comes from the United State's bitch AKA Puerto Rico. Though believed by many to be a country, Puerto Rico is nothing but a colony that belongs to the US.

Unlike other hispanics, Puerto Ricans move to the US with the ultimate goal of living off welfare and section 8. 90% are unemployed. The ones that do work (if that's what you wish to call it) either sell cigarettes or drugs.

They also have the most unoriginal flag, a mix between the Cuban flag and the American flag.

Most of them live in New York City, New Jersey, Orlando, and Boston and do absolutely nothing to help the economy.
Puerto Rican 1: Hey Chris I heard your moving to the US next week.

Chris: Yeah man, hopefully I can apply for welfare and section 8, that way I can live there for 30 years without having to ever work.
by copkiller July 14, 2008
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