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1. A large bottle of cheapish wine, 1.5 liters in capacity. Sometimes also known as a bomber to the less snobbish.
2. A heavy-duty handgun. Strongly associated with Dirty Harry.
3. A large condom manufactured by Trojan. If you can't fit your boy bits in a tp roll, buy these instead.
We bought a magnum of Hardy's Stamp at the store, and after a couple of hours with that she made me get out the Magnums. Hey, what can I say?
by October 25, 2006
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A bag carried by a man to hold his stuff. Some people consider it a little effeminate, others don't really care. The ones who don't care are usually the ones who actually have a manpurse.
Well, yeah, I do carry a frame pack around with me almost everywhere I go. It's my manpurse.
by May 27, 2007
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A bizarre and extremely uncomfortable sensation of constant electric buzzing in the head after discontinuing certain antidepressant drugs. Can be very persistent and may be related to epilepsy.
Lexapro did wonders for me, but then I had to skip a few days between prescription refills... then, the zaps...
by November 22, 2006
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A device created by Texas Instruments primarily as a productivity sink for math students. Has long since been replaced by models capable of creating even more distraction (like the TI-84 Plus).
It is true that I would never have gotten through college calculus without my TI-83, but seriously -- what did my professor think I was doing with it out in the middle of friggin' July with all the other summer school tards?
by January 8, 2007
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Something you tell a woman who's acting like a little bitch to strap on a set of, since she probably wouldn't want a set of balls too much. Unless she's a transboi, but that's getting a little too far into it.
I dunno, it just didn't seem right to tell her to "man up", so I told her to strap on a set of ovaries and deal with it like a real woman.
by December 27, 2006
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As applied to a guy, refers to a man in denial about the fact that however much he likes pussy and the female form in general, he also likes a heapin' helping of the man meat from time to time. However, he will swear up and down that he is absolutely not bi in any way, shape or form, even as he goes to suck your dick with the finesse of a $1000/hour call girl. Poor bastard.
Seen on craigslist: I'm str8. You know what that means, right? Means I only sleep with other str8 guys.
by September 2, 2006
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The things cooks who are in the weeds do to get caught up. Includes deep-fried steaks, questionably sourced ingredients, illicit bouillion cubes, and lots of other things you really don't want to know about when your order gets to the table. Practitioners of System D are known as débrouillards, which in French means "guy who gets you out of trouble".
I really don't want to see what kind of System D shit goes on back there, nor do I want to know how my steak got to the table in five minutes or why it has paper towel marks on it. Shut up and eat.
by December 17, 2007
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