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The guy who you've known since you were 9 years old and you will still be crazy about when you're 99 years old. You probably met at a Little League baseball game and before you knew it you were going to prom together. He's a little obsessed with computers, maps, and food... but you love him for it. There's no other person in the whole world who you'd want to be with when in their car singing to billy or james for hours on end, or laying in bed doing nothing for hours and not getting bored, or surviving grandmothers singing at their own 80th birthday parties, or heavens! driving past cows for over an hour to a closed damn museum, or surviving crazy friends who you're not even sure why you're friends with in the first place, or riding bikes with to Carvel when you're 18 years old, or exploring houses still in construction and having fun in the attic, or blacking out on new years together, or having the best night of your life going to nyc and riding a bicycle cab, or driving 8 hours just to see their cute face for a day and a half, or talking to them everyday just to hear their voice for a little bit. Basically you're crazy about them and can't even express it in words. That's Danny Boy for you.
"Gosh, I love that Danny Boy... he is so sweet."
by colly wally February 26, 2006

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