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A "person" who commonly browses and messages on the popular image-based bulletin board "4chan", where people talk about literally anything and everything in the worst way possible. 4chan is known for its obsessive and horrific user base.
I'm wildly attracted to girls with the 4chanite sociopathic edgelord femcel phenotype.
by clockenslocker June 6, 2024
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An aesthetic and fashion trend popularized by TikTok and Instagram in late 2023 and early 2024, taking inspiration by 1990's to 2000's corporate culture, luxury brands and being defined by items such as "Bayonetta glasses", pencil skirts, button ups, heels and female associated formalwear. The look is intended to look sleek, mysterious, sexy and nerdy. Occupations of the "office siren" include lawyer, librarian, receptionist and most popularly, a secretary.
The secretary was described as an office siren by their boss.
by clockenslocker June 6, 2024
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