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The act of being a man and explaining something to a woman who:

* has a very shallow life which won't allow her to be depth-minded enough to understand the issue; and

* has been brainwashed by the mainstream brand of lesbianic feminism of these days;

which guarantees she will claim said explanation constitutes an act of condescension against her.
She: What's a sandwich?
He: A sandwich is a piece of food that's comprised of--
She (horrified and rabid): STOP MANSPLAINING TO MEEE!!!!
by cishet-shitlord April 22, 2015

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A derogatory term used by members of the trans community to refer to all the disgusting people in this world who don't hate their genitalia.
Yeah, what did you expect from hetero cisgender shit like that?
by cishet-shitlord November 18, 2014

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