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The concluding chapter of Ray Lewis and his Baltimore Ravens Victory, which is ultimately his last game of his biblical rollercoaster ride.
Now children open to Rayvelations 34:52,
by carmichaelreid February 04, 2013
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a girl or a guy who will wait in the cut and make sure that the person you are dating is always uncomfortable dating you.
ie) A snake whispering in his/her ear.
While I was dating Tabatha, a dating troll started trolling and long story short the date ended before the ball got rolling.
by carmichaelreid April 19, 2013
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A measurement of hatred average among hateful beings.
Jill went and got a job, an extremely lucrative job through hustling and using connections. Jack, knowing this and didn't say a word, but everyone around could see his Hater Index rising. Friday Afternoon shit literally hit the fan, when Jill smiled smugly in Jack's direction with her boxes. Long story short, Jack had a stroke and is now on disability. Peace be with him.
by carmichaelreid December 26, 2012
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A media (film/radio/videogame) editing technique that rapidly accentuates the successes/failures of a certain situation or scene(s), event(s) by montage.

Bad 80s or early 2000s music as overdub.

Star Wipes as Transitions

Alot of praying, fistpumps and celebrating with the opponent's fans and home team fans alike.
Cut the fat! No Coverage! We are over budget, tell Steve in editorial to shift to Montage Mode stat. We need this out by 7. Baracuda by Heart is fine."

A star athlete is born in a distant, foreign, eastern place moves to America in pursuit of the American dream with his large Eastern family, gets bullied and picked on, no girls, no love, his friends abandon him, he gets into Harvard, tries out for the Golden State Warriors and gets cut, after persistence, hardwork and focus becomes an International Social Media and Professional Athletic Superstar, gets the big job in the Big Apple, gets the girl and gets the fame. Now get this down in editorial. Montage Mode. and have it out by 7!

Running Behind people. Montage Mode. Have it out by 7.

Cue Montage Mode
by carmichaelreid February 15, 2012
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I gotta Bet, man from The Commercial Drive Company. It's called Hockey Sales Tax in Canada. Where all well to do, rich, wealthy families who are interested or play hockey are charged a revolving tax to end further lockouts.
This lockout could end today if this tax went into effect on Friday.

Hockey is by far the most expensive sport to play in the world. Canada loves this game and locks out every year. Why? Greed. So, charge greedy people a tax #hst (Hockey Sales Tax) and see how they like it and test them to see how much they love their hockey.
by carmichaelreid December 12, 2012
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A single piece/peace of toast for abundance.

Clearing the mess and toasting after victory

A morning non-white bread with nothing on it or absolutely everything on it.

A mandatory and essential part of Breakfast of Champions who have fought in the struggle.
Toast to Abundance and everything that comes with it. For good and for bad for ecstatic and for sad.

Did you see Obama's Freedom Toast after killing Osama?

No Freedom Toast for Berlusconi

They shot off guns in Libya for their freedom toast. That's Libya for ya.

This Freedom Toast is Sacrilicious!!
by carmichaelreid February 26, 2012
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