12 definitions by can.i.please.get.a.waffle

On October 24th you can kick any vsco girl and throw their god dang hydroflask and dent the crap out of it, and cut their god dang scrunchies.
boy 1: guess what day it is??
by can.i.please.get.a.waffle October 14, 2019
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Something that isn’t like your christian minecraft server. and most people have it for memes.
yo i have TikTok.
by can.i.please.get.a.waffle July 19, 2019
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a time that gives me an excuse to have mental breakdowns and blow up teachers emails
i’ve been in quarantine for 3 weeks and haven’t left the house once... IMMA LOOSE MY MIND
by can.i.please.get.a.waffle April 11, 2020
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The sound a soccer's dads mini van make when his daughter is late for soccer practice.
Van: Skrrt Skrrt

Soccer Dad: Oh crap, I left the casserole for all the soccer moms after practice.
by can.i.please.get.a.waffle February 11, 2019
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YYS means yee yee school. That means. there’s a bbq every homecoming and once a year, the boys gather up and ride a tractor with a trailer hooked up on it and come to school.
i hate my YYS school.
by can.i.please.get.a.waffle October 13, 2019
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